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“Most days I wear camouflage to work.”––Lisa Loucks-Christenson, Wildlife Photographer, Author, Illustrator, and Bookseller.


As a photojournalist, I shoot pictures and film life as I find it.  I publish,  license my photos and stories through other publishers, news outlets, ad agencies and create art and publish photos, art, and comics that I sell in my bookstores.  

 I know, in part, the struggles for survival that our Minnesota wildlife experience in our climate because I’ve walked alongside my photo subjects while covering their stories through the seasons as flash floods surrounded us; as blinding blizzards hit and while as beautiful weather turned  into storms. I study and document how wildlife species co-exist, the relationships between each other, the ways wildlife alert each other and to another creatures’ presence, how the different species play and interact together,  how they outsmart, get caught, how some animals break away escaping their predators, or not.  I study survival and the struggles to live.

I film and document all types of wildlife stories. My visitors at my stores hear about the births, family life, struggles, migrations, and the lives I’ve followed during their existence while here, and sometimes, sadly, their untimely deaths. I believe we all have a story to share, these are mine. 

When I’m not in the field, I'm busy working on books that I write and illustrate for all ages.

Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s DON’T EAT BEES! Won two 2020 Royal Dragonfly Awards in the ebook category, one for Best Illustrations, and an Honorable mention for Children’s Picture Books Age 6 and older.



DON’T EAT BEES! Dale, the bee-eating German Shepherd, hits pay dirt when he unwittingly snatches up a tasty queen bee, and later, with the guidance of the queen bee’s sister, Dale is offered the deal of a lifetime and beyond if he can promise to stop eating the local bees and raiding their hive—but can the foolhardy dog give up his bee-chasing and bee-eating habits forever and accept his heavenly reward…for all eternity?

Find out in Lisa Loucks-Christenson’s DON’T EAT BEES!, a fictional tale told through 21  pastel illustrations that share the heart of a dog as he learns about friendship, sacrifice, and his earthly, and heavenly rewards.

Meet Dale, the authors’ bee-eating German Shepherd, who unflinchingly ate as many bees as he could catch—all through his lifetime. Dale, trained for outdoor field work, for protection, and as Lisa’s companion, inspired this story, as well as the sequel, HEAVEN CAN REST!






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